Sunday, October 30, 2011

Why Now?

You have to ask yourself at this point, why is the Occupy Movement happening now?  When you look at a number of factors in the current world situation you get the feeling that your particular situation is beyond your control.  When you pack rats closely together and shorten the distribution of food you get a very aggressive bunch of rats.  We are at a nexus of known wrongs to our planet, our economic well being and our moral standards.  This assault, for us in the U.S. started in earnest with Ronald Reagan but has been a Republican subtext, looking a long way back in history, to before the civil war.  At the time the same arguments were made by people not called Republicans but the ideas were from the same point of view.

Loosely speaking it would be the "stuck in the mud" party.  Recently I quit debating policy and politics with a group of conservative friends because you cannot really debate anything with the mentally ill.  If there are no agreed to facts to discuss then there is no real discussion.  It's as simple as that.  There is a tendency to ridicule rather than debate.  Getting to the lessons that history actually shows us is a useless exercise because you never get off the ground and get past the definitions of what, when and how things got the way they are now.  The following link puts a change of view in front of the writer and he begins to see things differently... that's where debate becomes possible:

The GD Hippies.

At a time when there are a lot of people looking for ways to live off the grid in homes of independent means through the use of solar panels, wells, local food production and so forth there is suddenly the connect-the-dots mentality that has awakened many to the need to overcome the banking system, the economy driven by fiat money controlled by a few banks (keeping the money supply defined and short of our needs) and paying the workers less and less.  It is the worker and the inventor who make wealth and value.  It is not the manager or "owner" of the plant who creates jobs.  AND, it is certainly not someone trading the stock of a company who creates anything.  Do not misunderstand me on this; the stock trader IS a necessary component of raising capital and moving the economy BUT that individual should not be paid disproportionately to the workers and inventors who create the opportunity.  Corporate ownership of the labors of the inventor is one of the places that we need a course correction on payment.  Innovation is worth a lot more to society than the manipulation of the capital to make it happen on a larger scale.  A legal system that wrests control away for the people actually making a product is a broken legal system, almost by definition.

Bush era broken policies.

More later.

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