Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Slow Burn Speeds Up

In taking a few days off this extended weekend I missed the blow by blow description of what happened all over the country.  The protests that I have been expecting really took off.  There are just so many things wrong and there is a broken, disconnected group that was elected in 2010 that is further exacerbating and magnifying the problems while offering NO solutions.

The Keystone XL pipeline approval by the State Department has been exposed to be a lobbying, insider, job by Big Oil.  The protests are just getting larger despite the large number of arrests.

New York Times Op-ed

The Occupy Wall Street group has been maced, arrested and grown to a nationwide protest.  There are the beginnings of media coverage.  The fact that it has grown from taking place in New York to twelve or more cities across the country speaks volumes about the brokenness of the system.

For the Rebuild the American Dream movement the underpinnings for intellectual change and framework to correct the Constitution to take corporate person-hood out of the law.  The move to take the lobbying money out of the election system will, more than anything else, fix many of the problems we have in this country.  Unwittingly the Tea Party is helping by being so intransigent and saying, “No” to every proposal.  The truly large part in this is what should make the richest of us concerned that they will be brought to justice.

In the states, like Ohio, Wisconsin and the like, the Republican Governors that have developed union busting laws, voter disenfranchisement, cutting education and other negatives are getting their constituents riled enough to start recall elections.  This is a very different atmosphere than back in May when the disgust was only slightly on the surface.

Malcolm X Had it Right

Again, there are so many issues that are tied together through the politics that it is now clear that things WILL change.  It is as strong as evolution.  It is as inevitable as sunrise.

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