Monday, October 31, 2011

Keeping the Faith

 Courtesy: OSW & Politico
There is an underlying current in the news coverage of the Occupy Movement.  It has been about the, "What do these people want?" narrative.

It's not like the answer is complicated.  BUT, I have to say, it isn't a single issue so the media has this stupid, deer in the headlights, look.  They cannot handle a multifaceted answer to this core question.  Yeah, one sign says, "Get the Money Out (of the political process)," while another might say, "We are the 99%," or another saying, "Jail the Banksters."  That's doesn't translate to the easy message the 15 second nooz can handle.  There is a lot of thought being put into the messaging, make no mistake about just how screwed up the country is.  There are so many things wrong now that we have a broad set of issues to deal with.  As Randi Rhodes has pointed out for a long time, "The baby is crying... we have to do something," is what the politician knows is happening.  The nooz, at this point, is not so capable of generalizing and gets left behind.

Here we have the confluence of the issues and a common banner of the Occupiers.  This is not "Astro turf" but grass roots protesting on a grand scale.  Real revolution through peaceful means.

The vacuum of sucking the life out of the middle class has brought about the conditions of change.

More later.

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