Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Regressive Right

From the linked story below:

Robert Reich: The Rise of the Regressive Right

"Listen carefully to today's Republican right and you hear the same Social Darwinism Americans were fed more than a century ago to justify the brazen inequality of the Gilded Age: Survival of the fittest."

The reawakening of progressive thought is a powerful thing.  I get vitriolic blow back from a Righty friend that is not to be believed.  She exclaims that we do not have leadership from our President (she will scream loudly that he is not HER president).  At the same time she says that the Republican candidates (pick any of them) are more "Presidential" than President Obama.  At first this ticked me off but now I see it with new eyes.  Frankly, if the next election goes as I think it will she will suffer the rest of a mental break down that started in 2010 when her party took over the House of Representatives.

There is no doubt that the country is energized.  There is no doubt that the tipping point has been the "do nothing" congress to crank up the People to political action.  We will see the nonviolent fight of the Occupy Movement keeping us all engaged over the next twelve months even if they need to retract for the worst of the winter.  Lulling the Tea Party into a momentary sleep might be a good idea, in fact.  The agenda is so broad, so powerful, that keeping it in front of our collective mind will be difficult.  There are things like the Wisconsin recall of their Governor in January/February that will help keep the movement alive but it may take a fresh ramp up in Spring and Summer of 2012.  The national party conventions will also help. 

"Scalia, Alito, Thomas, and Roberts (and, all too often, Kennedy) claim they're conservative jurists. But they're judicial activists bent on overturning 75 years of jurisprudence by resurrecting states' rights, treating the 2nd Amendment as if America still relied on local militias, narrowing the Commerce Clause, and calling money speech and corporations people."

In the background the stakes are very high.  We need to take action against the running of the Supreme Court by the activists trying to drag us back to the middle ages.  To elect a Righty to the Presidency is more dangerous to us all than I can express.

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