Monday, October 10, 2011

Why is Greed Good, Again??

First a bit of a history lesson: 

Hopefully you had time to take the side trip into the story about The Tea Party Gets It Wrong embedded in the above link as well.

So, here we are a few decades down the road, having had our system corrupted, I mean seriously corrupted, by the deadly sin becoming a "good" thing.  It's hard to comprehend how that happened, really it is.  Here we have a good nation of mostly concerned citizenry being controlled by a Sociopathic group who seemingly have no good direction we can now go.  There is no longer concern for those of us who can no longer keep up.  There is no room for the diversity that immigrants bring us.  There is no tolerance for women controlling their bodies.  There is only the violence that Colonialism breeds (we want your oil, we will take your oil).  

That a Sin is now a Good thing and that the message is part of the Echo Chamber from the right winged demons spewed endlessly at us has beaten many into submission.  Or, so they thought.  Reality check: the right is now fearful that freedom will break out and that the Occupy agenda will actually take hold.  Gosh, golly, geewillikers.  This coming year will be very, very difficult for all of us.  
The Republicans are not likely to stop being the door stop in Congress.

The country needs to have a jobs bill passed.  The Republicans say, "No."  The country needs single payer health care.  The Republicans say, "No."  The country needs, requires, a working political system.  The Republicans say, "No."  We need to get money out of the political system.  The Republicans say, "We want the money."  The way to change all this, given the corporate control of the system, is to demonstrate and push back hard and long.  That this will have to happen all this winter and likely explode this coming spring says that it will be a very large task this coming year. The Republicans have BECOME the John Birch Society... it happened slowly but it needs to be undone soon.

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