Friday, October 7, 2011

The Clueless Chime In

So, it was Eric Cantor, a (truly clueless) Representative from Virginia said, back in the days of the Tea Party organizing demonstrations, ”… fighting on the fighting lines of what we know is a battle for our democracy.”

Now Cantor is concerned that the “growing mobs” are a danger to democracy.  Can you believe how thoroughly scripted his mindset is?  How clueless?  He goes along with the right wing organized collection of people (who were NEVER shown the amount of support the Occupy Wall Street movement has now) who became the Tea Party but now is “concerned” (maybe read as terrified) over an independent movement.  Yes, he is very much the epitome poster boy for idiot.

One commenter on the story of Cantor’s whining in said:

When the teabaggers, armed to the teeth are in the streets, the Rethugs not only praise them as "patriotic Americans exercising their 'freedom of speech/assembly", but actively encourage them.

BUT, when the shoe is on the other foot, those unarmed, nonviolent 99%ers are in the streets, they are denounced as "Un American mobs'.

Hypocrisy much scumbag Cantor?“  - FcukTheArmy

This is a reflective statement of the feeling of the country at large toward the clueless, whinny 1%ers.  During my time at Occupy Portland it was clear that the narrative has been taken away from the Right and given over to a less organized group whose strength is in that “leaderless” approach to civil disobedience.

The story started here...

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