Saturday, October 15, 2011

But it's a useful anger...

This linked article says a lot about what happened to the Tea Party and why it didn't work out so well.  The idea here is that the Occupy Movement needs to stay "leaderless" for awhile longer.

Back in the Clinton Presidency I started doubting the Republican party's sincerity on most issues.  At the time I still identified with the R's - even called myself one - since I was and still am much of the time, a fiscal conservative.  The problem for me actually started longer ago but came to the front about 14 or 15 years ago.  The social issues that edged into the party's agenda kept me from a full embrace, thank goodness for that!

I can't agree with the anti-abortion issue, which is really more accurately portrayed as a woman's right's issue.  It is about decisions that are not political at all.  It's about who gets to put their nose in that particular tent.  There are NO politicians that have a deserved place at that table.  The Gay rights issue is yet another place where politicians have no place at the table.  They don't understand it as an issue and just put forth hate and stupidity.  Environmentally the R's have shown a deft ability to be anti-environment but publicize their position as if they are the only supports.  This one really irks me.  This one is very, very unfriendly to all of us.

I can't agree with the Trickle Down theory that has caused so much of a problem.  In fact, it is so discredited as an economic theory that Economist are actively trying to shout down the right wingers more and more.  The politicians are not economists and only vaguely have ANY understanding about how the system works or what is GOOD for the economy.  They do have a place at this table but have abused the privilege.  We allow them to dictate monetary policy through all the wrong things.  We are captured by the Fed as well and this capture works against the working class but strongly benefits the top 1% of earners.  Another place where I cannot gain agreement with the current version of Republicans is to start wars for some imagined infraction, that is, things like WMD's and THEN say that we will have the war paid for by the oil of the "offending" country.  Let's see, our soldiers die for someone Else's profiteering.  Oh, and while doing anything they try to Privatize every aspect of what government should and has traditionally done for us (at much greater cost and profits for the few).  Not to mention the stupidity of ignoring or trying to reverse the movement toward Medicare for all (Single Payer Health Care).

Okay, enough rant for now... as a recovering Republican who has gone way to the left and is really, really pissed off about the money in politics and the need to reform the Supreme Court and several of the BAD decisions that have been made in the last few years I have to say that the present day atmosphere of the Occupy Movement is healthy and that the continued attempt to corrupt and co-opt the movement by the Righties is not, not, not going to work this time.  The voters who are the 99% will come crashing through all the obstacles the R's have been trying to put in place and chase the culprits out of office.  This coming election of 2012 will be huge.  It will likely be the best, largest outcry that has happened in a very long time.

A parting shot as well:

The cost of tax cuts... per hour.

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