Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Way to Ignore Facts and Still Believe What You Want to Believe

Notice in this piece by Faux Nooz that Bill O'Reilly does not concede any point even though he cannot cite any hard facts in his argument.  Likewise Ben Stein does not have time to respond with much by way of fact since as soon as he starts to go there O'Reilly cuts him off.  This form of argument changes how we perceive.  Repetition does not make something fact; to the contrary, it generally points out that a sales job is about to follow.

Here we have a straw argument placed in front of zero factual material.  Ben Stein seems to get the best of this nonsense despite O'Reilly's dogged insistence that taxing the rich will kill jobs.  Steins, "There is no correlation..." points out the vacuum packed statements by O'Reilly. 

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