Sunday, August 28, 2011

By Way of Adding to Your Reading

So, this bit is about extending what you can read to get facts to work through the issues.  This link is the White House blog.  Since the right seems able to access the media far more easily than even the President of the United States it sometimes works to figure out what the discourse needs by looking at what the players say rather than by what others say about them.

The White House Blog 

In this particular case the public view is that the right (In the person of John Boehner) is saying that the President has not done anything while the voice of the Presidency is pointing out that lots has been done with more to come.  To balance this we can go to the regular media to see that the White House has less voice than the Right Wingers.

While Representative Boehner is going on about $100 Million in expenses for each regulation (the burden for which falls to those regulated) for a total figure somewhere north of $219 Billion, the White House is pointing out that $10 Billion has been identified and reduced already.  That is not what the national media understands at all.  So far (at the time of this writing) only the $100 Million per regulation is being talked about.  Thus the known "fact" is what Boehner says instead of what the White House has said.  Facts become elusive.

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