Sunday, August 21, 2011

More on Scary Perry

The question I just had to ask myself after hearing some of the so-called "Texas Miracle" drivel handed out by the Rick Perry campaign was, "What will I find if I dig a little deeper into this character's record?"  Well, that was not a tall order so I looked.  Viola!

Perry is the "Killingest" Governor

At 230 executions during his term as governor of the state some might say he is a "Law & Order" candidate for President.  Some might but I cannot.  What I can say is that he would be the 16th Century's leading candidate.  The least enlightened of all candidates during my lifetime might be the best description.  Ignoring studies and findings by the likes of the Innocence Project is an indicator of a state official trying to cover up bad justice.

"Perry has commuted the death sentences of 31 inmates, but 28 of them were juveniles at the time of their crimes, and the U.S. Supreme Court had ruled states could not execute those who were under 18 when the crime occurred."

Executions-United-States... more info

All this without looking into race.  A quick review would tend to say that a deep study of the race of those executed in Texas had a racial component.  It seems to but I cannot say how much without a thorough review of all those cases.  Having lived in Texas for a short while I can figure race to be a strong part of the judicial process but that's not the same thing.

His statements have included the idea that education in Texas is one shining spot in a nation that has largely abandoned educational excellence.  Not so fast there pilgrim!

Hmmm, one might think this is a very rosy state on the whole but wait there's more.  When you look for more information you can come away with site like this one:

There are lots of gems here even though, as these things go, some of the statistics are a bit stale the news here is pretty clear that Texas ranks in the lowest quarter of all states in its educational system.  I had heard that recent statistics reveal that Texas has one of the lowest High School graduate rates for those 25 years old or younger.  That is on Perry's watch.

Do you really want a President that lies to you about what he will achieve?  Can you afford to have a President that does not know what a good educational system looks like? 

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