Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Trumka Gets the Message Out to the President

While it makes sense to support the President in his push forward against a Republican Congress it does not make sense to let him slide on HOW to Push Back.  Richard Trumka, the President of the AFL-CIO has gotten onto the right idea here.  The president cannot just propose what he THINKS the Congress will accept.  What I am tired of in politics is that the Right has moved the discussion so far right that it is difficult to have reasonable conversation without straying back into the "talking points" of the Republicans.  The REAL discussion is NOT about dismantling the social net for the citizenry.  It should be about bolstering the net and making it so that no one falls through any of the widening cracks the Republicans have created.


What vision do YOU have the country?  Can you cut your way to that vision.   Can you see how less government makes a vision of anything other than a free-for-all happen?  Greed will push insane agendas down your throat and without controls on the "Free Market" you will have large economic entities steam rolling over you.

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