Monday, August 8, 2011

How Does Low Info Voting Happen?

We will follow the money injection into the political parties some more later.  Right now we are post down-grade-of-the U.S.-credit-rating.  This money issue was caused directly by the Tea Party members’ intransigence in the debt ceiling raising debate.  It is claimed and owned by the Tea Party that they caused this.  That is, they now cheer and seem to welcome the down grade.  It is well documented during the negotiation that no matter what was proposed the Republicans, mostly driven by the Tea Partiers, said, “No,” and then repeatedly claimed that the opposition had, “put nothing on the table.”  This continued lie is what differentiates the two main parties at this time.  The Tea Party, as the primary driver of the Republican Party, is willing to distort any fact and repeat that lie ad infinitum.  It is trickle down as they develop their talking points to say that the democrats did nothing positive to end the debate in a good way even though that is their (Democrats') main claim to fame right now. 

This is interesting because Talking Points are simple, often two word, phrases that become code for an attack on their perceived enemies.  The more often they can get these phrases on or in media the more success they seem to have with moving the debate in their direction.

Here in the world of fact it becomes very difficult to hold a reasoned debate because they unyieldingly do not let fact change the assault.  That is sort of a, “Don’t confuse me with Facts,” repetitive mantra.  This part of the tactic is working but at the price of having informed voters. 

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