Thursday, August 11, 2011

Right Idea Comes Along

Every so often the right idea comes along.  Every so often that idea takes root and grows.  This is probably one of those ideas.  Back at the end of June I came across a wonderful video by Van Jones explaining that we needed a new idea.  He outlined some essentials of possible ideas and asked for everyone's input.  We (Sandy & I) went to a meeting a couple of weeks later to rate and add any ideas to the list that had come about as a result of the initial appeal.  It turned out that there were 1600 meetings around the country.  From there until this Monday (August 8th) that information was mulled over and digested by the core of what was/is becoming the Rebuild the American Dream movement.  The highest rated ideas were released as a platform for future work.  

What came from this is amazing in so many ways.  It reflects positive energy and moving forward.  It is a way to regrow the middle class and give a course correction that will become a basis for all of us to take better care of each other.

Take a look at the values expressed. 

This is an incredible time.  Yesterday a few of us (a little over a hundred of us) visited the local offices of our Representative and Senators for southwestern Washington and presented a signed copy of the Contract for America.  Later I will talk about a few problem faced by those of us a bit more level headed in getting this Dream moving forward.  Right now I will just say that this is a huge task but well worth spending time on.  The right wing will have a lot of problems with all this and it will meet opposition but what else is new?  These are solid ideas that can be fleshed out and enacted.

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