Friday, October 23, 2015

The Actual Real Issues

It is amazing how distracted we can become.  The current media knows and uses this against us.  Take ABC news... now owned by Disney for instance.  There is not a single night where they do not mention a Disney property as if it were a news story.  It's always done with a smile and an, "Aw shucks," moment or a "Coming Attraction," shout.  The rest of the news is appallingly bland and corporate in tenor as well.  The issue is to distract from anything that might actually get you engaged in the process of living a real life.  It's similar to the sports addiction.

This political season sees us deep into the weeds and ignoring real issues... unless you are aware of Bernie Sanders.  Economic inequality, college tuition, Social Security / Medicare, Black Lives Matter, gerrymandering, immigration reform and sooo many more are at the root of the real issues.  Getting money out of politics, breaking up the big banks, Medicare for all (single payer medical coverage), taxing the rich (for their fair share) are all on the table this time.  Voting in a way that will give us a better Supreme Court, better environmental policy and foreign policy, a living wage and generally making life good again is the paramount focus for average people this time around.  The mix is to attack, fight back, against the continuous on-slaught of the Uber Rich against the middle class.  The demolition of the Unions and the "Right to Work" (for less) laws that have given the employer ALL the bargaining chips is part of this.  Privatizing the prison system is part of this attack on the middle class.  Feeding the Constitutionally mandated Postal Service a poison pill is part of this  attack on the middle class.  Republicans repeatedly breaking the functions of government and then pointing and saying, "See government can't do anything right." is part of this.  Six corporations owning 90% of the news media (print and broadcast) is part of this.  

What are the real issues?  It comes down to this... Capitalism is now structured so that only the Rich make the rules.  Without realistic rules that benefit the many we will be drained of all resources until the Rich then move on to other places to rape and pillage.  In this country we are back stopped by the Constitution the fore sees the possibility of political revolution every few decades to right the ship and keep our government acting to better the lives of all rather than the few.  For now this is the time for such a political revolution.

These are but a few of the memes that say what this is all about. 

And so it goes.  There IS a movement to unseat the corrupt and replace it with reasonable and forward thinking.  

That wraps up another post... see you next time.    

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