Tuesday, October 20, 2015

On Every Level...

If only it were as simple as electing a President.  Yes, we need a President with the correct ideals but on its own that is only a small part of the problem.  Without a Congress willing to work on the REAL issues we have not done enough to fix what is wrong.  We need Governors, legislators at the state level, City Council Persons, Mayors and all the rest that hold to the better values.  Even then there is no consensus of what "correct" is on every issue. 

It is the strong debate and vigorous engagement in the process that produces what is correct.  We need the continuous engagement to arrive at a Good Place.  When we are not looking the wrong policy takes hold.

The definitions we now use are so heavily redone by "think tanks" that it is difficult to have a conversation without starting at the very beginning (of the country) and trying to agree on what we mean when say something.  There is little agreement on what history means or what history is correct.  There is far less understanding when the tangential discussion gets to more complex things that need to be understood to understand what is attempting to be discussed.  Economics comes to mind.  In any event, that is what makes us seem to stand on either side of the room and yell at each other.  It accomplishes little.

Just another day in Paradise. 

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