Thursday, October 8, 2015

Meme America

Ha!!!  The meme wars are on.  It is part of American culture that we understand bumper sticker/sound bite logic very quickly.  We love political cartoons and we enjoy fast minds that can translate political thought into humor.  The memes are busily showing the way to the coming election.  Studying them from a specific viewpoint with a lens of the pulse of who will be a positive influence on the culture and reality of America is a fascinating past time for many of us.

Here are a few samplings from this last month or so:

The first one is an expression of what ticks off most of us.  Capitalism in unrestricted mode is as tilted a system as was the old feudal system. It shows the top as the small cross section of the populous that it is.  We are stuck in that in every aspect of our lives.

The second is about the problem we face when we allow "free speech" to be based on ignorance.  If knowledge and facts can correct ignorance, that is, if they are allowed to surface in the discussion without being shouted down by the bullies, we have free speech.  If not what we have is the fewest people shoving their ideas down our throats via bumper sticker logic.

The third meme is just a display of what the left is seeing clearly and is a reflection of the last 40 years of Reaganism.  The dismantling of the good the government can do is replaced by the Republican party following the pattern of breaking government, then pointing to the dysfunction that happens and lastly attempting to privatize the things that they broke.  It is as if we are stuck in position and will transfer the money and the power to the top without saying, "Enough is enough".

The last is an expression of distrust of what politicians say versus what politicians actually do and why they do it.  Money IS the issue in politics these days.  Anyone that says otherwise is not paying attention.

The underlying problems are recognized, assigned a value and spread across Social Media (SM).  Today we trust SM more than Main Stream Media (MSM) and we have selected lots of friends based on whether we can learn from what they post.  The saying is, "The revolution won't be televised...", " will be tweeted".  The distrust of MSM is heavy on the Left but since the MSM is now owned by six (6) major corporations that bear to the Right it is mouthed by the Right.  It no longer matters if you watch Fox, NBC, CNN, CBS and so on.  Some people have turned off their cable altogether and have gone to other means of watching TV... the rise of Roku and Hulu and other means is increasingly a signal that we do not wish to or want to be so heavily influenced by MSM and the Right.

The only campaign to understand this change so far is the Bernie Sanders' campaign.  Strangely the others have a sense that this is so but have yet to "get" it.   More memes to follow but I think that is a pretty good front end assessment for now.

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