Sunday, October 18, 2015

More Interesting Every Day

The reaction to the Democratic debates have subsided a bit and the FB folks are settling in for a longer run finally.  There is still a lot of Republican fumbling and mumbling about how the Dem's don't have the cures for the country but they are now being more ignored than usual.  The reason is that the Democratic debates showed a reasoning group focused on answering the real questions of our time.  The definition of Socialism has grown to include an understanding that it is not anti-capitalism but, rather, a system that seeks to make more fair the rules of capitalism for the average person.  There has always been socialism in America... we just didn't always call it that.  When the richest among us have tried to take over the government we have always fought back.  Eventually we break up the huge interests that attempt to buy government and rule making for their own benefit.  It is not always pretty.  Right now it is amazing just how intensely the 1% is pushing back.  Because they own the media they are putting malformed ideas out there or lying about who is even in the hunt for the Presidency.  They are telling us that our vote doesn't count.  They are doing everything in their power to convince us that everything is fine... just fine.  They cringe at those who point out that they have rigged the game.  They whine when they are called out for their lies.  It is all very interesting.

The idea that corporate welfare even existed has been slow to catch on and to be understood, but it is real and we can now more clearly see the tendrils of the 1% sucking the economy dry.  They will move on to another country to ruin when this one is a carcass.

Which sums up this week in MemeLand.

See you later.

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