Saturday, October 24, 2015

A Needle in a Hay Stack

At times like these there is a gnawing sense that I am missing something.  I mean, political sense does not very often make for an understandable world.  Here is Donald Trump being Trumped by... wait for it, Ben Carson in Iowa!  It was a thought that occurred to me this week that the lunatic fringe IS the Republican party.  I know, right?  You're saying,"How could you not have known THAT?"

Deep down I have felt for a long time that Republican self destruction made this case a long time ago.  It is the reality of it that has struck me anew.  The Republicans are looking ever more desperately for a viable candidate that the Uber-Rich can control.  They had that in Romney.  They had that in spades with Bush.  But now, they cannot find anyone who will fill that bill for them.  What they know how to do is to buy a candidate... but the controls are broken when it comes to finding a candidate that real people can relate to.  Since the Uber-Rich seem to be unable to relate to anyone not spouting the dumb stuff they believe and/or want you to believe they will never be able to find that needle-in-a-haystack.

If that doesn't hit you between the eyes then how about this.  

That's where the real conversation taking place in the country is.  That is, this is one expression of what actually matters to most people.  The Republicans are clueless on this conversation because they have strayed to a place that is so incredibly heavy handed in trying to control the national conversation.  They do not control that conversation.  That is why, I think, the "pundits" no longer can sway the ideas that are being the discussion's focus.

I suspect that by now you can SEE where the conversation really is.  Of course there is more but it butts up against this set of "talking points" quite well.  The social issues are there too.  In every case the radical positions are staked out by the Republicans to show that they are in line with what is traditionally lunatic fringe thinking.  They do not make sense of issues like livable wage, black lives matter, foreign policy, military spending and so forth.  

In fact, the Republicans cannot seem to understand that to have military spending above 40% of the budget harms the economy and foreign policy.  The money wasted on military spending could promote all the things that citizens NEED.  Military spending, by definition, is wasteful.  We are set to create destruction on a massive scale when we go to war.  We blow up bombs that cost millions of dollars per copy as if we have done something positive.  Yes, we paid the people who work on such things to create them but then we eliminate that value in a single second.  This does not even begin to describe the waste we create for others on the planet.  Beyond this we are not including the on-going cost of maintaining the military veterans in the military budget... where it belongs.  The Republicans like to say that they are strong on defense but that truly ignores that they are weak on Veterans.  If we include veteran costs in the military budget the overall cost of war is more clearly recognized.

 The Republican agenda is clear even if you are not fully paying attention.

So, there is a theme to the meme here perhaps?  There is nothing that comes from Republicans that is POSITIVE.  It is always about what they are against.  Always negative.  We can rhyme this set of ideas with what money has bought in America.

If the letters are too small click on the meme to see it larger and when you're finished press the Esc key.  Until next time.

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