Friday, October 16, 2015

A Meme a Day?? A Meme a Minute

Following American political thought is an interesting exercise these days.  The difference in how Democrats actually debate versus the donnybrook that is a Republican "debate" is a special look into brains versus brawn.  The Republicans use bullying tactics and yell louder while hurling insults at the opponent of choice.  The Democrats, while not perfect, actually talk about issues that are current and offer real solutions.  At the end of the debate there should be a shake of the hands all 'round and more discussion.  That is what you see from the Democrats... and not so much what you see from the Republicans.  It is the difference between strict talking points and carefully considered, still open to continued discussion and new ideas, answers to question of policy.

Here is the interesting thing to me.  We still tend to condense the broader ideas to short bumper sticker representations.  It is just how we inform ourselves in the onslaught of media misinformation.  

This pushes back on the Jeb Bush nonsense about he won't give away Free Stuff.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz has given us a series of bad decisions and there is a call for her to step down.  What bad decisions you ask?  There is no 50 state strategy for this election cycle.  The debates are limited to six for the Democrats and she will not listen to anyone wanting to increase that number.  Those are just a few.  The hash tag #ResignDebbie is a reflection of this.

The end of the problem for Bernie Sanders is in how Americans come to understand the meaning of Socialism.  We tend to be fairly uninformed about what it really is.  I have seen many versions of this meme.  It leads to a discussion of what goals and policies would work for us... rather than the one percent of richest Americans.

While there are many broader memes there is a distortion of of what "Freedom" actually means.  The Right seems to think that wrapping themselves in the flag and saying the word "Freedom" is the same thing as being free.  Franklin Roosevelt had explained that being free from want and need is the basis of real freedom.  That idea is mostly ignored by the Right-wing.

Distortions of our history seem to be another tool of the Right to discourage discussion and discourse.  What do we do when faced with this incredible (un-credible) version of history?  Often, because it is yelled at us, we just stop talking.  Truly this is the result the Right wing bullies want.  I got tired of this a long time ago and feel that pushing back is required in our system of government.  Hunting down the perpetrators and pushing back again and again is absolutely necessary.

There is a lot of feeling here about what is right for the country instead of what is Right for the country.

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