Thursday, September 8, 2011

What happened to the First Amendment

There has been a movement by the Tea Partier Rethuglicans to raise money by gaining access to YOUR representative at a donation cost.  It is then a way to ARREST people asking legitimate questions of their elected official when they (the representatives) don't like the questions.  How can the police go along with this action?  Have we sunk so far that even thinking of the First Amendment does not occur to the police?

That the protesters have to be sitting in the back of the room and are screened before being allowed into the room and further surrounded and harassed as they ask their questions is very telling of the Nazi-like view of the Tea Party Congressional Representatives.  All during August this sort of meeting was repeated again and again.  Here in district 3 in southwestern Washington state our representative held zero town hall meetings but had a few carefully selected groups at meetings (Coffees) with previewed questions.  Even at these meetings she was unable to take the off cue questions.  She does not meet with constituents.  She talks about her views but does not accept much in the way of questions.  It is a bad way to start this decade.

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