Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Single Statistic Says More...

Yesterday a single statistic came across the airwaves that slapped me hard.  In 2000 there were 31 million Americans living in poverty but after ten years of Republican tax cuts and deregulation there were 46 million living in poverty in 2010.  If anyone needs something to chew on I would say this is on the list.  The current "crisis" is a created crisis.  This is an indictment of the Republican policies; clearly the Republican agenda has put us on a path toward bankrupting the middle class.  Unless you miss the point entirely this single statistic lays to waste the bogus theory that the rich are the job creators.  No, there has been a huge transfer of wealth from the working class to the wealthy class.  The money has been flowing, no, flooding to the top.

The stupidity of saying that pointing to the obvious is "class warfare" is much more obvious as well.  We, the middle class have been under assault for over thirty years (actually a lot longer) with Reaganomics and other theories that have been proven to be plain wrong.

Today we have to work hard to halt the assault on the assets of the working middle class.  In fact the assault by the right wing groups funded by the likes of the Koch brothers is so pervasive that we see it more than once a day even if we do not watch the television.


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