Monday, September 5, 2011

Faux Nooz

This is a post to get past what could turn into a very, very long rant but I will try to keep it simple and short.  For Fox (S0-called) News to say that this speech was Hate Talk is to raise my blood pressure several notches.  Watch the whole speech to see just how doctored this is.

Firstly, the entire speech shows what the doctored snippet does not show.  What Faux Nooz fails to get is just how pissed off the people of the country really are.  It is not exactly Hate but rather a lot of total disgust at the tactics and aim of the Repuglican/TeaBaggers and most of all the Lying SOB's saying anything they think will get their viewers outraged and mobilized.  To add that what the unions mean by, "taking the SOB's out" is something other than reporting the news.  It IS a political statement to get the Crazy Factor out of the government.  Facing the electorate this time around (in 2012) will take them by surprise if this is the level of the juvenile, idiotic and baseless B. eff-ing S. that this organization (thank you very much Rupert Murdock... a$$wipe) gives us.

Read the comments to get a real sense of how pissed off the ground swell is.

The secondly is, we need some sort of fairness in media.  Unfortunately what the old Fairness Doctrine was turned into something that was anything but fair.  There is a NEW solution out there to guarantee fair REPORTING instead of money tweeked Koch brother rhetoric and (again, so-called) opinion.

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