Saturday, September 10, 2011

Jobs Speech

The problem with speeches is that they do not have to predict the future.  You can say anything but unless you can push to make the vision real it's just a speech. 

The President has only one avenue to make half of what he said a reality.  He asked the people to call their representatives, the people we hired to do a job, and explain that they need to get to work.  This does work.  If you have been watching the changed demeanor of the Representatives as they have come back from their districts over the August recess you may have noticed that most are a good deal more demure than just prior to the recess.  They heard, up close and in their collective faces personally, that they were doing a piss-poor job.  The rating of the President may be low but Congress has fallen off the chart.  If you want to have a new form of leadership then you should be calling, writing and visiting your Representatives' offices. It really does work.  It does not even have to be the ones that you disagree with... call on the ones you agree with as well.

For many politics is something to argue about but not DO...  for me it is an active, nearly alive, thing that must done.

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