Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Climate Change Deniers Nightmare

Imagine that you woke up in the morning and there was widespread acceptance that Global Warming / Climate Change was real!  You may already know that it is real because you have read enough of the scientifically based information to KNOW that it is real.  It is not a matter of dogma or ideology; it is not a matter of right thinking; it is not even a matter of conflicting scientific information (because there is not any).  

We have examples every day now that the change is occurring and will continue to occur.  So, why does anyone fight the notion that climate change is happening?  If you own an oil company you pretty much have a vested interest is denying that anything remotely like climate change is happening because of the products you sell.  And that is where the misdirection and misinformation comes from.  Oil companies have, indeed, hired people (I hesitate to say scientists) to refute the claims of scientists.  When you look at the poor examples of information and fuzzy thinking they offer in their "refutations" you come away with a sense of disbelief that anyone can think that all the people can be fooled.

Here's an article that explores a bit of this:

Global Warming: Why Americans Deny 

So, when you wake up and there are no more deniers around... what will you DO today that is different than yesterday? 

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