Thursday, September 20, 2012

This is Really, Really Simple

So, there are those who say what we think ahead of when we get there.

Just in case the above doesn't load properly:

Jon Stewart on Bullshit Mountain

This is a climb of reasonable proportions.  The Romney campaign tried to counter the release of the idiotic tape with a 1998 tape of Obama saying that he does believe in some redistribution of wealth.  Hmmm, let's see, the redistribution has, for thirty years, been a redistribution to the top of the economic scale.  That's what Romney believes in... the theft of the money that WAS stored in the middle class.  Steal the pensions, take the jobs and send them elsewhere, foment the fall of the whole economy so that it can be bought back for pennies on the dollar so they (the richest among us) can own more of the economy and value of the country.  Greed is horrible rebuttal to the shared responsibility we should have for each other.  This Ayn Randian view that we are independent of each other is just plain idiotic.

Ask the human beings of every age when things were best for our species?  Try to imagine the response.  A tribe of folks trying live in harsh conditions were concerned for the safety of everyone in the tribe.  The periods of moving backwards, away from protections for each other, are the worst in our shared history.  Ponder that.  Squish that around in the gray matter for awhile.  It may just come to you that evil of sin, greed, has become imbedded in the Republican party.  I, for one, cannot worship that greed.  It is not anti-capitalist to say this.  You can have a capitalist society AND protect the least among us.  It is not a position of black or white.

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