Monday, September 17, 2012

It's Not Just Mitt or Paul

A perfect storm has brewed to take away all power from the Republican party and they just don't "get it" any more.  A clear, concise article that lays out the case.

It's the end for Mitt & Paul... Why?

While I have felt that the Republican arguments have been specious for the last few years they are now working hard to prove it.  They have become bankrupt of real ideas.  In fact, there is no real thought put into what positions are real world or aren't, laced with how not to pay for anything that government necessarily does much less the unspecified changes that they want to make.  That is part of the problem too... the unspecified nature of the changes.  If you are so embarrassed by what you propose that you can't articulate it there is a problem.  If the ways you choose to articulate your plan are based on lying you are out of touch.  Twisting the facts to fit your model is the way they have gotten to these bizarre positions and that comes out clearly when you try to follow the logic used.  Maybe that explains the dissing of the scientific method by the neo-conservatives.

Obstruction is key to the reason that Congress has such a low rating with the public.  That much is clear as well.  If your whole tactic to carry out your agenda is to bring government to a halt why should anyone think you are earning your pay?  What positive thing(s) have you accomplished with that tactic?  The answer is: you have done nothing on behalf of the people you are supposed to serve.  You have earned none of the compensation you are paid for your time.  The definition of serving has been warped to equal serving being that of an inmate.

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