Monday, September 3, 2012

Huffington Post User

This from a Huffington Post user (Outlandish):

 "What do a handful of billionaires want from the wholesale purchase of American Democracy? 

Does having your kid’s education sold from under them and all schools being privatized for profit, teacher’s wages cut for profit and class sizes much larger for profit make you want to vote for their cause, because all you want is a far more expensive yet inferior education for your kids? How about giving them tax cuts even though about 100 billionaires make more money annually than 100 million of you working stiffs and most pay little or no taxes, is that what your hoping for and how will you benefit apart from admiring them for their greed? 

Maybe you want to drive on toll roads and pay retail to have your roads and bridges repaired so a bridge you cross doesn’t collapse when you and your family are on it, for surely they will own the companies that will set your bridges to right and you’ll pay the going rate. Be sure that they will skim a lot of profit by cutting costs and under paying the workers but will charge you a premium without a guarantee of a job well done. 

Maybe you want to pay an annual levy that is half profit in case you are burgled or your house catches fire and you might just want it put out, you might be in need of first responders so be prepared to pay those billionaires a higher rate than you do in taxes for the same service and therefore depriving those good for nothing first responders a living wage. Because the services are privatized, an extra layer will be added for profit. Of course you have to believe the media has a left leaning bias but rest assured, the same billionaires own that media and have programmed you into thinking that a left wing media exists in America by allowing a token. 

They are banking on the fact that a lot of you will be gullible enough to kiss democracy goodbye because far too many of you already have and are on board the billionaires propaganda express. When everything that your precedents worked 2 centuries to own and develop for you is in the hands of a small number of billionaires, will you feel that losing the America you knew, your ancestors fought and died to create was worth losing will you sleep comfortably in your beds, knowing you did nothing to stop the future from being stolen away from you, my brave little Republican corporate soldiers? If all you hold sacrosanct vanishes and you’re living on sub minimum wages, will you be proud of your gullibility and be relieved because you’ve been had? Seriously! What’s wrong with you?"

Good on ya, lad!!

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