Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Different Theory

Something I just learned; in states where voter suppression is being supported (by corrupt politicians) the legal structure of what does and does not count for identification has a surprise built in.  Veterans cannot use their ID cards because it does not have their address on it.  Students cannot use their ID cards for the same reason.  Others have similar problems simply because they do not drive and do not need a drivers license.  Here's the surprise: a gun owner can use a concealed weapon permit for ID to vote.  I don't think the legislators really thought this through but I may feel so very safe when 21 million people figure this out and go get a concealed weapons permit.

Do NOT Watch without headphones (crass language)

Here's the thing... there is no excuse for this Voter Fraud protection law.  The problem is that there is a nearly zero incidence of voter fraud taking place.  For example, in Florida, after much hoopla the state found a grand total of one case of voter fraud.  A Canadian had voted in the last election.  Wow, a single case of voter fraud after spending lots of money looking for the tons of cases. 

The case can be made that there has been election fraud, however.  When we look at the Bush election (when the state was going to recount the full state vote) the Supreme Court stepped in and limited the recount to Broward county it turns out that was a form of ELECTION fraud fomented by the court.  Later several news organizations got together and reviewed the count.  What they found was that if the entire state had been recounted Gore would have won but that by limiting the recount to a single county Bush won.

Useful Definitions

Note that one of the forms of election fraud is the spreading of misinformation.  " The Democratic Party of Wisconsin alleged that Americans for Prosperity engaged in this when a flier printed in August 2011 gave an incorrect return date for absentee ballots - Americans for Prosperity alleged it was a misprint."

There are reasons to be concerned about other forms of this type of fraud.  there have been several studies showing that pervasive Diebold voting machines are vulnerable to tampering.  Just one link to a story... look up others, it will surprise you.

A more recent case: Scott Walker recall. 

Long story short, there is reason to distrust the Diebold voting machines AND the election committees in some states.  There are too many concerns to just gloss over these concerns.

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