Saturday, December 22, 2012

The NRA is the Picture of Stupid

This article is the center of a long debate we, in the U.S. need to have:

NRA Press Conference

With his statement LaPierre just voted the NRA out of the national discussion (and off the island). 

Military style guns in the hands of everyone who wants one needs to end.  The logic for the position that says we need more guns is so flawed (and has been for a long time) that repeating it just makes one sound as if they have a negative number to represent their I.Q. 

There is no doubt that some will own guns no matter what the laws are.  There will always be crazy people.  You cannot legislate against every ill.  But, you can bring the number and types of guns under control and seek to have more effective mental health system.  You can and should keep panic buttons in the classroom... you don't have arm every school.  There are things that can be done to enforce a back ground check.  These are constructive ideas that can be made real... right now.  To say more guns are needed to solve this national disgrace is ignorant and short sighted.

With Joe Biden being assigned the task of bringing ideas to Congress for gun control and other ways to limit the damage that gun wielding crazy people have we can all chime in on ways we think we can control the violence.   Pointing a finger at violent video games should be part of the national discussion as well as discussing a review by skilled psychiatric personnel to obtain a license for a gun, any gun, might be part of what we should be looking at.  Ending the gun show purchase option without a back ground check should be a part of the law we create.  Limiting the clip size for all public weapons is likely a piece. 

Yes, gun collectors will still collect.  Yes, target shooters will still shoot targets.  But, we need to limit the damage a gun can cause in the wrong hands.  It is not too much to ask and it is way past time to demand it.   

There are lots of ideas out there and this time we need to implement some of them

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