Sunday, December 30, 2012

R's v. D's: Which Way?

It just seems incomprehensible that anyone would take up the banner of the Republican party these days.  Failed policies, failed ideals and doing the things that hurt us the most.  Pushing for the ALEC agenda is not a good thing.

No party is perfect but I would say that the Repub's are way out there on the bad scale.

From Sanjay Sanghoee's blog; " From the time that President Obama first took office in 2009 through the elections in 2012, the GOP has been running on the platform of economic despair, and in fact, seems to have bet its entire future on it."

The rest of the blog.

It is this running toward austerity that puts me on edge.  We have what it takes to put the country back in the black on all levels and yet the R's want us to believe that we are broke and broken.

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