Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Economics 401

The core problem we face is that R's do not have a handle on what they are actually saying.  Message to the nation: "Listen to our worn out lies rather than see what we do with the money when we are in power.  Ignore the man behind the curtain."  Long, long term deficits matter but short term they are not what the R's make them out to be.  If you get folks back to work the deficit solves itself through taxes paid by working people.  The R's want the trickle up to continue bankrupting the country.  Their handlers are sucking up the oxygen in the atmosphere and demanding more.

Quit listening to stupid and you will feel better immediately.  WE are not broke or broken.  Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are not the source of any problem.  When the rich pay their fair share government can function perfectly well.  They already deny the economy all that cash they have stashed overseas (More than $2 trillion) and keep trying to convince you it's all your fault.  Quit listening to stupid and read more about what economics is and is not.  The R's want to bury you with B.S. and hope you don't see their collective hand in the cookie jar.  Remember that in 2014.

Paul Krugman slams deficit hawks.

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