Saturday, October 13, 2012

Yes, Biden Won the Debate... Quit Whining.

This article (blog) by Robert Reich hits the right tone for the second debate's results:

Biden Won the Debate Against Ryan

Spot on.  With all the toxicity in the air due to the Republican refusal to do ANYTHING the debate was as refreshing as this Huffington Post blog.  The CNN (too small a sample) 'poll' aside, Joe took down every point offered up by a disingenuous Paul Ryan.  The Right criticized the President's demeanor then when Vice President Biden gave a lively debate they want to nay-say his performance as being too exuberant!!!  Too funny.  Calling out the Pants-On-Fire direction Representative Ryan  wants to take the country was just what was needed.  The moderator was the best as well... giving equal treatment to both candidates and asking for the specifics we deserve.  Too bad Ryan didn't answer any of those questions.  Watching Ryan's jaw tense up and grind away when he didn't have an answer was interesting as well.

At some point in the coming week we will see the bounce that Joe Biden has given the campaign.  I mean, really, when asked what the criteria for calling out the military was for National Security interests Ryan could only say he would do so only when National Security was at stake!?!?!  As if that were an answer!!??  In any case, Ryan was schooled by Biden and the world will turn away from non-answers.  Now hoping the President turns it on for the next one.

Obama/Biden and ALL down ticket Democrats -- 2012

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