Sunday, October 14, 2012

What Is Important Here??

 From Huffington Post>>

Employer Threatens Employees

This was a comment left that displays the one sided nature of the threat:

"The Economy is barely limping along, many employers are faced with having to lay-off people because of additional healthcare cost and the highest corporate tax rate in the World, They have a responsibility to the employee's to keep the company going strong and staying competative. If the employee's are going to vote against their best interest, they should be foreworned with whats to come, its simply the responsible thing to do."

This was my response... although not carefully worded:

"Own best interests," really??  The idea of a democracy means we need an informed electorate.  An employer using threats (bullying) to foist his/her opinion on employees is the opposite of informing.  Knowing what is in ones own best interest is difficult enough without this sort of interference.  The actual case for or against a candidate or issue is not related to the boss' opinion.  The employer may have a board of directors that actually thinks more clearly than the "Boss" and will do many things to keep a business viable.  It would be extremely short sighted to think that the employer's rant (and that is really all it is) has any place in trying influence the election.  Companies just work with how good or bad their intellect is... their own best interests may or may not include what the boss threatens."

It seems that something should be done to lower the temperature of the election rhetoric as practiced by all.  Yes, that would be me included.  It is difficult to be constantly assaulted by insults and not reply in kind.


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