Saturday, November 5, 2011

Oh, Herman...

 From Huffington Post

So, Herman Cain has some media trouble that he is trying to spin into an attack from... somewhere.  He tried to say it was Rick Perry's fault, then wondered aloud if perhaps it was Mitt Romney's camp that let the "cat out of the bag."  Eventually he settled on, "It must be the liberals, the progressives." 

What a hoot! 

Also along the way he first denied any and all forms of sexual harassment, then back peddled in several stages until he finally landed on the idea that this accusing person just had an axe to grind and it might be because he is a black man.  This guy told more lies along the way to this position and reversed himself several times.  Yawn.

All that has been a distraction form the real issues regard this buffoon.  After all for the liberals, the progressives, we welcome (Koch)Cain as a candidate!!  There isn't anyone who would be easier to defeat in a general election.  He is a pretty good and entertaining speaker but his political theories are so time worn and fallacious that there isn't any real debate to be had there.

His claim that he is/was a successful businessman is far more entertaining, actually.  Here's a little fact finding trove that got summed up by a commenter on an article in the Huffington Post:

"The Refudiator on HP

The Squirminat­or, Hermann Cain, criticizes the current economy and jobs results trying to draw attention for his "issue". Lets see how he did while managing God Fathers Pizza shall we?

Cain took over the fourth largest Pizza company in America with no debt and a great promising future and in nine years turned it into the eight largest pizza company in America, one with so much debt, it could not be sold.

911 stores before Cain, 530 stores after Cain.

Adjusting for inflation in 1985 to 1994, to compare it to the last year, 1995, that he was a full time CEO at Godfather’­­s, $325 million equals $448 million. Thus the drop was from $448 million (in 1995 dollars) to $265.5 million. This is a drop of about 41%. Adjusted for inflation, sales dropped by about 41% in the ten years that Herman Cain ran the company as CEO.

What a turn around.

So 999 means Nine years, Nine Fails, Nein Growth."

Now THAT is entertaining!!

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