Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Jobs Act... which one is real?

To date the republicans have offered no Jobs bill.  That's right, none.  What they have said is that we should rely on the old Reaganomics of Trickle Down economics to fix our recession woes.  To do this the suggestion is to cut taxes on the rich and have the middle class take the brunt of new taxes.  This is NOT a plan.  It is a tired and fallacious way to fix anything.  By having taken over the House of Representatives the R's have found a way to block any progress.  They are offering up a batch of crazies as potential Presidential candidates that are repeating the same line, the same old same old.  Make no mistake about it... these candidates are not serious about the problems of the country, they are liars, for the most part, repeating the non-plan of inaction.

Pick the Plan That Works.
Just listening to the buffoons drives me further and further left.  Just finding the middle any more is a difficult task given how far the right of right the Republicans have gone.  The substandard field of candidates is a symptom of a disingenuous party, willing to say almost anything, to get a cheer from the far, far, far right.  If any of the current batch of Representatives took the problem of  the economy seriously then one or two of them would be speaking up and offering a real counter plan to the American Jobs Act... but they are completely silent on this. 

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