Thursday, November 17, 2011

Occupy the City Council

In Portland, Oregon and across the river in Vancouver, Washington occupiers have noticed something.  The city governments have contracts with Wells Fargo bank for services.  That is, both cities store their (our) money in the bank and write checks every day from those accounts.

The light has gone on and the protesters have begun a move to demand that governments put the money with regional banks and credit unions.  This massive control, because of the way the banking world works and is intertwined, would not completely keep the money out of the banks BUT it would keep it all on a short leash.  It would also show the cities how much control they have on and over the bank's policies.

In pondering this idea I have to admit that there IS a huge attraction to it.  Occupy the City Councils and demand monetary change that is controlled locally.  I guess I am okay with that.

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