Friday, December 2, 2016

Trump's Carrier Nonsense

Ha!  It probably had to happen this way but DJT has just stepped on himself... Big Time!  

Carrier, a United Technologies owned company, has 2100 employees at a plant in Indiana.  It had decided to send those jobs to Mexico.  Trump had said he would prevent that by installing a tariff on the goods coming back into the country from Mexico.  When he went to make a "deal" with Carrier to stop the loss of jobs in the U.S. what did he do?

Most logical people would say he only got 40% of the jobs saved.  That is, that he failed.  Not Mr. Trump.  He says he won because his "deal" kept 800 jobs in the U.S.  By what stretch of the imagination is that a win?  How did he pull off this miracle "deal"?  

Since Mike Pence, his running mate and Vice President elect, is still the Governor of Indiana he offered to fleece the citizens of Indiana for $7 million.  DJT needed Pence to still be Governor to pull this off.  In exchange he got no guarantee of a time frame for how long this "deal" is good for.  He "saved" 800 jobs at the expense of the people of Indiana AND at the expense of the remaining 800 employees.  This travesty is just what we have come to expect from DJT lying repeatedly and telling his minions that he is great.  It might be he wants to say, He is great.  Dictator much?  He, DJT, still lost 1300 jobs in the net AND we have no idea how long the "deal" is good for.

Now imagine board rooms all over the country, especially in states with Republican Governors, saying, "Look, I know how to get more value out of our Company...  we'll threaten to move the company to Mexico (actually insert the country of choice)."  It will be a gold rush like you have not seen in your lifetime to rape the citizenry.

Meanwhile, south of the border here is the feeling about the King with no clothes.

Less politely, if that's possible, is this one:

Yeah, that's the thing, DJT is touting his awesomeness while the rest of the world laughs its collective butt off.

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