Thursday, December 1, 2016

Swamp or Not

Clearly the DJT continuation of infesting the swamp has gone on unabated for the entire time after the election.  Even though DJT lost the popular vote (again in most place it is simply called the "vote") he insists that he has a mandate.  He has no such thing but that does not deter him.

He makes poor choice after poor choice on his Cabinet members.  Each one of those chosen are antithetical to good governance.  Putting the fox in charge of the hen house does not begin to describe what is happening.  DJT is coming at us from every direction.  In the Congress there is discussion of cratering Social Security, Medicare and the ACA (ObamaCare).  From the picks for the Cabinet there is discussion to voucherize (privatize) the educational system.  The economy will be overseen by those who exacerbated the recent economic melt down.  Commerce and Transportation will be overseen by those with clear conflicts of interest.  On and on it goes.  In Ronald Reagan's time his administration was rife with people who during and after his term in office were convicted of all manner of felonious conduct.  It has been put on steroids under DJT tutelage.  

A bumpy ride is turning into a hurricane of consequence at this point.

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