Thursday, January 17, 2013

NRA Promotes Idiocy

 NRA President David Keene continues stupid.

     David Keene is trying to line up so he can submarine the proposed changes. He is not reasonable, he is not particularly sane and he is a corrupter of the democracy. Claiming that 2nd Amendment "rights" somehow trump our 1st Amendment rights and the right to be (and feel) safe is just wrong headed nonsense. Keene's members are only 3 to 4 million against 300+ million of us demanding anti-gun violence measures. Sportsmen and others who appreciate guns in a variety of ways agree very strongly in the polls that controls are a good idea. In swimming up stream the NRA is showing us who their masters are... the gun manufacturers. Profit is not more important than our right to safety.

      Ignoring the call to control the parts of violence is the short path to political obscurity in this case.  The NRA is making claims that are not backed up by fact.  They ran a truly sleazy ad claiming that the President is elitist because his kids are protected by the Secret Service.  That sort of attack is unprecedented and extremely dangerous.  The Obamas are targets for the crazies.  It is good that they are protected from the likes of the insane.  Stupid ad.

     Going down the to the level of insanity of the worst of us is not a way to conduct our policy on any subject.  On the issue of gun violence it is wrong to ignore the idea that we can do something about it right now, today.  No solution is, by itself, the perfect end all solution.  Every step you take is closer to good than not doing anything.

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