Sunday, January 27, 2013

Name Calling

Borrowed from Being Liberal

A Huffington Post article pointed out (once again) just how far off the beaten path the Republican shell is:

Republicans Shocked, Shocked I tell you...

"That is just fall down funny!!! If Right Wing is name calling then "Rethuglican" must really get to them. If Right Wing is a problem then "CONservative" must set them back a bit more. If Right Wing is really, truly too harsh then "Idiots" must be over the top!! Give me a break, Sleaze-balls, for the names you call the Left Wingers and the insults hurled at the Center and the obstruction to progress that you inflict on the rest of us you should reconsider you language of choice. Let's reset the meter to the middle and see where "insults" land. The old saying, "Eff-you and the horse you rode in on..." comes to mind."

 Not to mention "TeaBagger", and other such terms.  If you are so sensitive that this bothers you then I would suggest that you stop calling the rest of the country names.  Derisively lying about the opposition would be a great start to fixing the real problems of the country.  Relying on the Republican echo chamber to reinforce bad ideas and poor logic would also help but then you have to be able to recognize good and positive logic in the first place.

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