Monday, November 16, 2015

Debates and Winning

The Democratic Debates are a very different sort of civilized clash of ideas rather the mud wrestling match the Republicans put on.  There is no gnashing of teeth, pulling of hair or screaming that the opponent(s) is/are wack jobs.  The general idea is to present real differences in a calm and less confrontational way.

Along the way to the debates there is a bit of wrangling over the fact that there are only six debates scheduled and, taking a page from the Republicans, only Democratic Party sponsored debates will be allowed.  With that I have put forth the #ResignDebbie idea to rid us of a poor performance by Debbie Wasserman Schultz in not having a 50 State Strategy AND for restricting the number of possible debates so the Hillary Rodham Clinton is favored to the exclusion of the other candidates.

In any case, as the debates, one of which was actually a Forum, have been a breath of fresh air as I have said before and we are moving forward.  Now the memes are building.  It is early, there is a looong way to go before the Convention selects the Party's candidate.  The leaning of the rules favors HRC to be certain.  The reality of massive rallies favor Bernie Sanders.  Martin O'Malley is struggling to be heard at all.  Despite the handicapping of the candidates in several ways by the external sources of political distraction they have all moved forward with better campaigns than I recall in a long time.   There is some friction between the Sanders and HRC camps, to be sure, but overall the process has remained fairly civil.

The polls don't tell us much, the media is blind to anything but what they want us to see (and MAKE us see) so we rely on social media and chatting with friends and opponents.

Sharing information as well helping others maintain some perspective in this process is part of what the memes are doing right now.  The thing that Bernie Sanders has done is to calm the waters by not attacking the people he is running against in the primaries.  Not everyone is taking that direction so there is lots of bolstering that has to be done to keep as many as possible calm.  American politics has not been prone to calm.

There is a lot more that I could post here on this but time does not really allow that today.

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