Monday, September 2, 2013

Who ARE the Bad Guys Today?

So, let me get this straight. We are going to bomb some targets in Syria that will not specifically aid the rebels, will take out the Syrian government capability to pursue further use of chemical weapons while not killing any Syrian civilians? Does that about cover it? We are the friends of the Syrian people (where have I heard that before) but not of the government. We can't support the rebels because they are our sworn enemy (Al Qaeda) and the whole conflict takes place right next door to our ally (Israel). Could this get any stranger?? There seems to be no move to attempt to try anyone in Syria for war crimes in any jurisdiction. While it is a wonderful thing to see that the President is moving away from the Imperial Presidency so favored by the Teapublican bunch the debate seems to be focused on the wrong questions.

Um, what consequence did we experience when we Napalmed whole villages during the Viet Nam conflict?  Did anyone come and bomb us for the serious misuse of one of the nastiest types of weapons?

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