Sunday, May 19, 2013

As "Benghazi" Implodes...

So, the Republican staffers altered the emails that they sought testimony over to shout down the critics but were caught in this lie.  As the Benghazi "affair" winds down to a complete halt the Right needed a new crisis.  They "found" one of their new attacks by claiming that the IRS was acting improperly... or, so they claim.

It turns out to be another fiction and the media has not yet caught up (perhaps because they like readership/viewership numbers to rise) and the story is being distorted by the onslaught of Right-side attackers.

My comment back has been (FB):

"Hmmm, let's see here... of groups under review at the time were about 29  Tea Party out of a larger batch and stated that they would undertake political activity (in their applications). The other roughly 200+ were neutral to left (including the NAACP) and these dim-bulbs want to spin this how??? None of the Rightie groups were denied the status. The letter of the law says that ANY political involvement means they should have been denied 501(c)4 status but the IRS, for well over 40 years, has softened that law by saying the primary purpose cannot be political (thereby obscuring the letter of the law). BTW, the NAACP has had the status since 1909!!! At the time this additional scrutiny was occurring the head of the department was a Bush appointee. Hmmm. The president fired the wrong guy, perhaps... Miller was the one to clean up the mess created by Citizen United even if the folks sorting the influx of applications made a poor sorting choice. In any event the groups didn't even have to seek the status of 501(c)4... they could have simply said they were and offered the proof of not making a profit or acting politically. All the hair-on-fire commentators are crazy. Where are the jobs???"

There is more that can be pointed out here but I will save that for later.

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