Monday, March 18, 2013

Poison From CPAC

In a week of continuing news cycle craziness the Teapublicans are showing their stripes at CPAC.  Essentially they are talking about how to get the vote back in their corner.  They are saying the same things that they have been saying the last many years but more vehemently.

The message they continue with includes the War on Women, mouthing the Voter Fraud idea to get people off of the voter rolls, repeal of ObamaCare (ACA), Gerrymandering at the State level, destruction of the Electoral College, moving the most insane of the John Birch Societies ideas forward, continuing racist ideals and any number of further ways to cut services to the general population while spending for welfare for the richest among us.  The gun debate is populated by even more of the same dead ideas as well.  Ignoring what the 2nd Amendment actually says and claiming it MEANS that everyone can own MORE guns.  With ALEC on the lose with legislative dung to further a state level attack on democracy the Teapublican push for more of the same idiotic "stuff" they believe will hold us down for the future.  The science deniers making science policy for the planet is yet another insanity we have been handed by these folks.  As a comment I saw recently said, "It seems like handing national gun control legislation over to the hands of the NRA makes as much sense as handing laws regarding rape over to rapists."

They have money to further their craziness while it feels like a cockroach-a-minute attack.  If you can squish the first cockroach ten more come out of the cabinetry.  The lock step Fox News nonsense continues as hate disseminating commentators ask the easy questions to further Righty agenda.  This total lack of critical thinking is in line with dumbing down the public.The continuing of the conspiracy-theory-of-the-day approach to news has made it Faux Nooz and people are turning away from it but not replacing it with information... or, that's what it feels like anyway.

The question before us is rather than beating the cockroaches as they come out is there a more positive, proactive way to fight back against this tide of stupid??  Can anyone ever get in front of these crazy people? 

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