Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Look at a crazy opinion that the Right has put out there:

An Idiotic View

A very lame and uninformed opinion.  The War on Women is real enough but it is NOT centered on pay issues.  The studies cited are fairly bogus but the real issue is the war on reproductive rights and generally making obstacles where none should exist.  It is NOT an Obama point nor it is a 99% issue to say that the focus is pay.  The misdirection at the end of the piece is a problem that doesn't even exist in THIS country... introduce a bill for a problem that doesn't exist?!?!  That's the long game for Republicans and Righties, in general, it is replete with such misinformation.

The suppression of voters has been the near permanent province of the right not the Obama administration.  Yet another problem that doesn't actually exist... more misdirection and disinformation fomented by the right not the left.  There is a problem with the suspicion that there has been electoral misconduct but thus far there is no prosecution on this either.  There is no voter fraud but there may be electoral fraud. 

The 99% Movement is NOT saying THEY represent or speak for the 99% but rather they are pointing out that those in politics are not speaking for us very well any more.  To say that this opinion piece is ill informed and poorly written is to fall short of how bad it really is.

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